I've Been A Bad, Bad Girl

I haven't posted on the blog since the end of December last year. If you were following the blog, you probably wondered what happened. Well, you see, after New Year's Day, we were busy trying to finalize our boat projects so we could get in the water. Throughout that time, I videotaped some of the work. As I taped, I started playing with my video editing software. My main goal was to piece together something so I could tell the story about our projects. But I had the hardest time trying to figure out the voice over area. I still don't have it figured out yet. It really frustrated me, so the blogging was put on the back burner. And then, life happened. We got in the water and set sail out of the boatyard. But, I'm back and I will try to get you caught up to what we are doing currently. In the meantime, I'm going to go ahead and show you the video that I was frustrated with. It is in very raw form, so please forgive me. Over time, I hope I can figure it all out. But…

Boat Projects In A Boatyard & New Year's Eve

When we arrived at our boat in the boatyard on Oct 20, we figured we'd be in the yard for a couple of months. Mainly because of the holidays and the number of projects we needed to do, we weren't on a strict time frame of having to get in and out of the boatyard. But here we are,  on New Year's Eve, and we're still here and are planning on being here one more month. You see, when you own a boat, you don't really own IT. IT owns you. But we went in knowing that, and luckily, Tom and I are spontaneous people. We know that we have to "go with the flow", and we're both good with that.

We had 3 main projects that we wanted to accomplish while in the boat yard, and A LOT of little projects on the "TO DO" list that could be done at any time. The 3 projects are: get the generator head rebuilt, have AC (air conditioning) installed, and do a bottom job. And here are the issues we've been up against, trying to get them done:

The generator head - We …

Christmas Eve Dinghy Ride

We're taking the dinghy out, for the second time, while we're still in the boatyard. The boatyard, Charlotte Harbor Boat Storage , is located in a canal system off Charlotte Harbor Bay in west Florida. Since we bought the boat in the storage area, we hadn't been through the canal and we wanted to go see how the lock worked (which is at the mouth of the canal and the Myakka River). The lock is manual, where the boater has to pull a chain to open & close the locks. Most locks have an operator so we wanted to go try it out. The first time we took the boat out, we only went half way to the lock. It's almost 10 miles of canal from the park where we launched, past the boatyard, to the lock. I hope you enjoy this little cruise we did on Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

A Dog, On A Boat, In A Boatyard

Leilani, our 9.5 year old Shih Tzu, is so laid back. We moved onto our liveaboard boat, in a boat yard, a little over 6 weeks ago and she is adjusting quite well.

Ever since we sold our house on September 18, she has been traipsing around with us all over the place. We first stayed with friends for about 5 days in the DFW area, waiting out hurricanes to pass outside of Florida. They have a dog too, and the dogs got along just great. The only problem we had was Leilani wouldn't use the doggie door. I think it hurt her little nose, and was too close to her eyes. Yes, we call her Princess Leilani because of her stubborn streak. She will only come up to you when SHE wants to, not when you call her over to you. But for the most part, she's a real gem.

When we were boat hunting in Florida, she would stay at the condo by herself, and then we would take her out with us to a local outside bar. This was her first experience, going to a place like this. She was the hit of the bar. People…

Spending Thanksgiving & My Birthday In A Boatyard - 5 Weeks In

Well, here we are. Today is the end of our 5th week in the boatyard, and we just celebrated Thanksgiving & my birthday yesterday. What an interesting day, spending a holiday in a boatyard, with people you just met a few weeks ago and a few you just met today. As I mentioned in an earlier post, a lot of people  come down from up north and haul their boat out of storage here to cruise during the winter months. These people are called "snowbirds". I had heard of snowboards coming to vacation homes in the south for winter, but never knew about the group that do the same thing on their boat. A lot of the snowbirds here have been around for 10 years or more. I would call them "Boatyard Ratz" (LOL), at least for the holiday season. I laugh at that because those of you that know Tom & I personally, know our group of friends back home call ourselves the Lake Ratz. We all met in some form or fashion, hanging out at Joe Pool Lake & the Oasis Restaurant, in Gran…

More Info About The Boatyard......And Living In One

 This boatyard is amazing! Charlotte Harbor Boat Storage is a premier dry boat storage and do-it-yourself boatyard in SW Florida. They take extremely good care of your boat when transporting it in and out of the water. And it is safe and secure when you store it in their gated boatyard. They are located in a protected canal system off the west side of Charlotte Harbor mid-state off the Gulf of Mexico. Here are a couple of videos, one taken while standing on our boat, and another of our boat being put in the water when we did our sea trial.

Since we're living "on the hard", meaning the boat's up on stilts and we can live onboard while it's here in the yard, we are having to adjust to what we can and can't use on the boat. Electricity is not ran like regular shore power at a marina. Every few storage bays have a 110v plug for an extension cord to your boat. This runs lights, fan, TV, and a portable AC at night (since installing the boat AC is on the TO DO lis…

Living In A Boatyard - Our First Two Weeks On Our Liveaboard

When we bought our 40' Heritage East early October, it was stored in a boatyard on the west coast of Florida. While the owners stayed onboard her for a few days to get their personal items off of her, Tom and I headed back to Texas to get our things from storage. We didn't have much left after we sold or donated the majority of our belongings, but we did keep a few things like kitchenware, pictures, and a few more personal items which all fit in a 5x5 storage area. We stayed in Texas a little over a week to enjoy some family birthdays and relax before another long trek driving back to Florida. Instead of renting a UHaul, a friend offered to drive our things to us, using his long enclosed trailer. We took him up on it, since paying him would be easier on us than driving a UHaul ourselves.
On our way back to Florida, we stopped in Pensacola in Florida's panhandle, so we could spend some time at the beach. The whole time we were looking at boats in Florida, we did not go to…